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* DEMO website only!
* "BATDONGSANNINHBINH.NET" FOR SALE, contact us: +84 908 744 256 or +84 917 212 969 (Mr. Thanh)

* Vietnam SEO company: (84)917212969

If a good SEO service, their work will be: + A best HCM SEO service, they always want themselves and customers as partners. The content that the team of SEO company writing articles can not be as professional as the customer, the company will ask customers to help you perform.

 It both helps SEO companies use time effectively and helps the partner company be more reputable to customers
 + The best SEO Ho Chi Minh City service will pay more attention to the content development, listen to requests from customers, consult keywords that customers give and suggest some potential keywords for customers to be able to. Selection.

 + Besides, the best seo services will also need to better understand the business sector of customers to know that their ability to prepare content well and perfectly or not.
3. The best SEO City Service will satisfy your partners about:

Professional working style demonstrates the best SEO service: Send periodic Seo reports to customers on schedule, announce their latest Seo plan (if any changes,); There is support, customer care when needed, there are regular meetings to come up with new strategies and tactics to bring the highest efficiency to partners.

 Transparent and clear Seo process: Must adhere to Google's rules, do not use "dirty" Seo techniques, black hat SEO tips, ensure a stable and stable website ranking ; avoid getting to the Top quickly but also falling Top Fast professional SE services will conduct long-term seo planning.

 Time to complete SEO contracts exactly, according to the schedule set out before, there is a commitment when not completed within the prescribed time. The best SEO service HCM cost must be suitable, not forcing customers' price, publicly and clearly the SEO website price list Above are just some of the most basic criteria for you to evaluate and choose a company. provide the best SEO Ho Chi Minh service.

 Publicity, transparency and clarity are the guiding principles in building trust with customers. In order to find yourself the best SEO service, you should keep in mind the following points: + Ask the best HCM SEO consulting service company to provide you with a list of customer profiles and relevant keywords. with that customer website and also ask them to prove that they have SEO that website.

 Professional SEO services will not deny these requests. Look through the websites that their SEO company has evaluated, evaluate the results on those websites to initially comment on the reliability of that SEO service. + Go to that company to see directly how the company, their employees work, be sure to decide whether or not to choose.

 Because startups need customers to survive, small companies often SEO very cheaply, but when they do not succeed they often just apologize and sometimes go missing + Look at the customers that SEO services This has done that you can guess a part of their customer segment, this also partly affects your decision to choose the best SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City.



A company that provides the best, most professional SEO services is always full of support parts: Consulting, technical and customer care.
 A consultant is a person who will introduce and answer questions about the services that the company provides, customer care is the recipient of information, comments, complaints from customers, supervision. campaigns when problems arise to send notifications to customers, technicians are the part to conduct marketing campaigns and provide technical support when customers need it.
4. 7 steps of professional SEO of a best SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City

Step 1: Understanding the needs of the market, the users to know what products they need?

Step 2: Select keywords: when you have a list of potential keywords, you should spend time researching and choosing appropriate keywords.

Step 3: Content writing: This work accounts for 60% of SEO work. It is the decisive factor for the success of SEO now and forever. Content must contain valuable information, meeting the needs of users.

Step 4: Optimize articles: Once you have good content then proceed to optimize them.

Step 5: Share social networks: Content that has reached SEO standards, please share them with those in need, so it will be highly noticed and quickly increase rankings on search engine results.

Vietnam SEO company

Affordable Viet SEO - cheap quality Viet SEO is the best website design company in the information technology market in Vietnam. We take the motto: "The success of the company is the destination of our company Seo". Viet SEO we specialize in providing Seo services nationwide. Please contact us for best service.
In Vietnam, the speed of development of information technology and the Internet is fast and widespread. Modern consumers are more and more careful in choosing products as services to reach a decision. Finally, buy or use the service.

If you have a lot of money, life is always easy, the problem here is to solve the problem with just that much money and still be able to own a website according to your own will.

So I have a suggestion for you to refer, that is TOP 5 website design companies in Vietnam. These 5 companies can suit you at any price, especially they also support the accompanying platform such as Hosting, domain name, email, interface, facebook integration for sales ...

And more importantly, it is "Prestige", is a "Guarantee" from the big companies on the issues after the website handover is completed.
II. "Should" and "Do Not" when hiring cheap website design services

From the above factors, I summarize and give an objective answer about whether "should" or "should not" design a cheap website.
1. Should be

You "Should" hire cheap website design services when:

    It is a small online shop website with a few products.
    A Landing page to introduce the company.
    The site has little functionality, mainly for posting articles around company promotion.
    Blogging and knowledge sharing.
    Making information page for classes,
   You are not afraid of being hacked, attacked by viruses and important data.

2. Not recommended

You really "should not" hire cheap website design services when:

    Website needs high security, fast speed, many special functions such as user management, posting ads, shopping carts, payment systems, complex modules ...
    It is a baby website, a sales channel that brings you the highest profit.
    You need a website that optimizes code to standard SEO and plow to the top of Google.

    The data needs to be highly secured with warranties and compensation when having problems from reputable design companies.
    You are a large corporation with massive product data and need maximum security. At this level, sometimes you have to recruit the entire Dev team to raise to build your own system, not just outsourcing is enough.


Cheap Website Design Binh Duong is a very difficult phrase when the market is full of web developers who dump the price, along with the words to blow the wind to the clouds to deceive customers. However, many companies design cheap but still very good quality but their money does not say too much about the products they offer.

The above article has provided you with some criteria for you to choose whether or not to design a cheap website. The decision is up to you, evaluate the exact purpose and use of a reasonable budget to design a quality website at a reasonable price. Good luck.

Today is the age of the Internet. It makes it more convenient for you to do business and grow in this popular and market share. If you pay money to rent premises, not everyone can do it, but for Online business, you absolutely can, Because it invested little but extremely high profits if you know how to take advantage.

If you want to do business online, then WEBSITE is something you can't do without.
You are wondering because you have not found a solution?

So why not find a professional website design company, reputable to have feasible business solutions.

A) Firstly, a professional website design must be expressed through professional interface design. Website must have beautiful interface, eye-catching colors, attractive to create an impression for customers to visit.

B) A professional website design must also be expressed through quality. Website must be optimized access speed and optimized for SEO Website standards (search engine optimization). So go away

Process of designing professional SEO standard website of VIET SEO

    Gather information and capture thoroughly web design needs of customers
    Analyze and suggest the best ideas to customers through
    Communicate and enter into a clear, transparent website design contract with terms that are mutually

For your Ad

Renting: Renting office space, showroom

Renting office space, showroom ... DT MT 16m2, right between the town center area, the hotel building in the Green, No. 194, held 13 Bac Son Ward, Tam Diep town, Ninh Binh province. Contact Details: Mr. Meaning 88 7574 0936.

: Agreement
: Office for rent
: 02/06/2015
Renting: Office rental, house number 47, Lane 76, Dinh Featured Free, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City

DT 3 storey house each floor is 100m2, has 6 rooms, including 3 rooms 50m2 / room. House located in the heart of the city, convenient for travel. Who needs please LH: 0983882583

: Agreement
: Office for rent
: 04/03/2015

I currently have a need for leased premises at No. 215 East Street 5 Thanh, Tran Hung Dao - The pavement Ninh Binh City, a total area of 40m2, front 4m, located immediately Tran Hung Dao street, very Conveniently open every business, office work. Mid gian.Nha exempt governmental, long-term contracts. Who needs please contact Mr. Binh 01664849700

: 10  Millions
: Rental shops, kiosks
: 06/05/2015
Sales: Sale farm (garden, pond, barn) DT 3 ha, Cheap central location in Nho Quan Ninh Binh

Sale, wide area 3ha farm VAC (30,000m2) in Phu Long, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh, including: - 2 pig breeding stables solidly built, clean, heat resistant roof, ensuring the requirements of the livestock. - 1st chicken coop. - 1 500m2 fishpond. - The land is currently cultivated garden glue 7 years old and several other crops. There aquifers provide water for the entire farm, ensure water use, livestock and garden watering, and water circulating in the fish pond ensure WC \. Farm in a central ...

: 800  Millions
: Farm Land
: 03/03/2015
Sales: Family home for sale in Gia Thanh, Gia Vien red- market Ninh Binh 80m2, 3-storey house, the selling price of 1.3 billion

* My family need to sell the land in that place (Gia Gia Vien Thanh, Ninh Binh): - DT 80m2, MT 5m. - The new 3-storey building. - To design: + Level 1: Visitors + kitchen + WC \. + Level 2: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 common, 1 private). + Level 3: PN, church room, deck. Area bustling commercial boat market. Near the level 1, 2 Gia Thanh. Hot Growth Area of Gia Vien. The selling price of 1.3 billion. Who needs to buy contact: 0949400863 (Vu Quang).

: 1.3 Billions
: Villa / adjacent
: 04/05/2015
Sales: Sale of 15m x 10m DT land, road 477, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh

Sale of 15m x 10m ground DT. Pavement 15m. Address: 477 - Gia Vien, Ninh Binh. Who needs to contact: Men - 0912985686.

: 400  Millions
: Residential land, land
: 09/06/2015
Sales: Sale new urban land Ninh Thang - Hoa Lu - Ninh Binh

Sale new urban land-Ninh Hoa Lu- Ninh Binh Thang, south, first line opposite the road to Tam Coc tourism area-Bich Dong, DT 5m * 18m = 90m2. Price: 300 million. Charter Telephone: 0944228585 (Tam).

: 300  Millions
: Residential land, land
: 02/06/2015
Sales: Sale land in Ninh Khang pavement, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh, opposite the road to Bai Dinh

I have a very beautiful piece of land pavement rectangle, MT 6m, surface post-6m, 20m long depth, total revenue 120m2, the main direction south, with red book in Khang Ninh, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh, opposite road in Bai Dinh, Ninh Binh near the stadium, the high population. Suitable for habitation, as hotels, restaurants, room rental, karaoke, office ... Price 1.5 billion. May sell all or part half if you wish to purchase small DT. Contact address: Pham Viet Dan - Ninh Khang - Hoa Lu - ...

: 1.5 Billions
: Residential land, land
: 04/06/2015
Sales: Sale new urban land Ninh Thang - Hoa Lu - Ninh Binh

: 300  Millions
: Residential land, land
: 07/05/2015
Renting: Rental home in the city of Ninh Binh, households or offices are good

Rental home in the city of Ninh Binh, $ 3 million / month. Private Rentals 2.5 floors in the 4 lane road 207 Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Nam Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh city (behind the 209 private clinics Hai Thuong Lan Ong), solidly built house style modern way on an area of 100m2, large front yard for cars, 1st floor consists PK + PN + kitchen + WC, 2nd floor consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms, 3rd floor consisting of warehouses, places of worship and spacious deck has roofing against heat, water and ...

: 3  Millions
: Apartment for rent, apartment
: 04/03/2015
Renting: Rentals in Ninh Binh City

I have one 4-storey houses, 10 self-contained rooms, new buildings, beautiful furniture. Long-term lease. Address: SN 102, pavement Tue Tinh, Nam Thanh Ward, Dist. Ninh Binh, 700 bed hospital doorstep. Frontage 6m, 20m long, a total area of 120m2 / 1 floor. Employment convenient clinic, and holiday homes. Rents under the agreement. EM: 0906211258. Owner: Son Huyen Ninh Binh.

: 20  Millions
: Villa rental
: 10/06/2015
Renting: Renting factory in the town of Yen Thinh, Yen Mo district, Ninh Binh

- New Production Factory area: 7000m2 / total land surface DT: 20,000m2. - Vehicles Container out on, there are 2 800 KVA transformer station. - Rent: Negotiable. Contact: 0303680301, Mobi: 0903410736.

: Agreement
: Studio warehouse
: 02/06/2015
Renting: Lease business premises in the town of Phat Diem beautiful. LH Mr.Đàm 0919916936

I have lots of land and 2-storey house at the address number 84 French West Diem for rent. - DT 300m2, 2 fronts - Cathedral Rocks, A Circus 3 Kim painted, curved near restaurant salad. - Land suitable for shops and restaurants. - Rent: 6 million / month (with the deal) Contact: Mr Dam 0919916936

: 6  Millions
: Studio warehouse
: 18/04/2015
Renting: Renting the entire home 3 floors for business on the street, Tam Diep, Ninh Binh

I have 3 storey house 1A pavement near City Three Gorges morning market to lease to businesses. Description: - The 3-storey street frontage, MT 5m wide, 17m deep. Total area of 200m2. - Level 1 has very broad PK facilities for leasing business, company, trading office, branch, with S = 60m2. And 1 kitchen, 1 toilets \. - Level 2 consists of 1 common living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 toilets \. - Level 3 includes two playgrounds, one-room church. - Houses in a prime location, in the heart of the ...

: Agreement
: Villa rental
: 02/06/2015

I need to sell 298 m2 plot Both North Zone - Unity Street - Ward Ninh style - Tp. Ninh Binh. Red book, the first land ve 2 front, 2 lines are both 8 m width.

: Agreement
: Residential land, land
: 02/06/2015
Sales: Land for sale 477 pavement, Gia Lap, Gia Vien

Sale 1 or even 2 477 plots pavement, each lot has at Gia Lap DT 7x20m, Gia Vien district. Who needs to contact: Ming-0983.98.2883.

: Agreement
: Residential land, land
: 04/06/2015
Sales: Sale real estate level 4, Ninh Son Ward, Phuc Khanh Street, land use DT 250m2

Area of 70m2, 250m2 of land, extensive garden, in the alley, cars to take in the field, under Phuc Khanh Street, Ward Ninh Son, Ninh Binh city, residential stability and security, in accordance with family public servants and the elderly. Note: Attached to a 313 DT land productivity 6,2mx30m not converted to residential land.

: Agreement
: Residential land, land
: 03/03/2015
Sales: Sale 119m2 house in the town Year Population 20/73 Phat Diem Town

- Sale the house at number 20/73 Level 4 City Year Population Phat Diem Town - DT 7 * 17 = 119m2 before following 7m MT on north-south roads are 3.5m wide, the southbound - Near the school, near Market Pavilion Kim Mau Year Population convenient transportation, housing is in high population, good security, convenient living - Red Book of ownership - Price agreements - Contact: Mr Cards - EM 0982112387

: Agreement
: Residential land, land
: 15/05/2015
Sales: Sale ground S = 20 X 5m = 100m2 south

Sale ground S = 20 x 5m = 100m2 south, Binh Hoa City, Ninh Khanh, Ninh Binh City, red book. - In particular, there are two sides open land, south (main) road 12m, 5m road north. - Convenient transportation VH near the city, near a kindergarten, grade 1. Grade 2 Ninh Khanh. - Price 470 million (negotiable). - Contact phone number 0986.857.816 Huong (not through brokers).

: 470  Millions
: Residential land, land
: 01/06/2015
Sales: Home For Sale 1 story main house area of 150m2, frontage 6m No. 16 Tam Diep - Ninh Binh

Governmental sell 1 storey house, DT using 150m2, MT 6m, 25m deep. Cottages near school level 1, 2, 3, near the park and near the Three Gorges culture. Populated areas, high population, good security, convenient transportation. Nguyen Van Thanh LH Notes: 0912.856.174 and 0982,732,119.

: Agreement
: The cause, the root cause
: 02/06/2015
Vietnam SEO company - Tel: +84-908-744-256